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Recently, quadcopters have been the trendiest gadgets in the latest technological discoveries. Upon inventions, drones came by at a very expensive cost. With this, the question has been, has your time for buying a drone come? If you have no previous drone experience, why not purchase a quadcopter drone? It is a good idea to buy a cheaper quadcopter with a camera to start with. In this case, Xiaomi Mitu quadcopter is the drone we can extremely recommend as your first choice!

Xiaomi MiTu Quadcopter


The Xiaomi Mitu Quadcopter is a multi-machine infrared battle with a precision hover and a 360 Degree Air Tumbling with a 720 HD Aerial photography. As compared to other brands of drones then xiaomi mitu quadcopter is the most affordable and with splendid features. If your desire is to make a spectacular adventurous memory and footage then, Xiaomi Mitu quadcopter is the drone to buy. Here is a list of its features;

  1. The fact that it is multi-machine infrared battle means that the drone can flip forward/backward/rightward and leftward according to the instructions given. In this case, there are no worries of losing control of your drone because it is in its headless mode.


  1. The Xiaomi Mitu quadcopter uses 5.8 GHz wifi technology. Also, it has a remote control of 50m hence providing FPV image transmission with the 720 HD camera not forgetting the 4GB storage space. Unlike other brands, xiaomi mitu droneassures you of solid quality pictures and stabilization.


  1. The Xiaomi Mitu quadcopter has an exquisite body with a wheelbase of only 11cm long and a weight of 88g. The beauty of this feature is that it is stable in high wind. With this, even after losing a rotor, there is an assurance that it can still fly. The impressive and fashion design of this quadcopter is very catchy. Your friends will be excited seeing it glowing in the dark with its safety appearance.


  1. Xiaomi Mitu Quadcopter uses the Bluetooth hence bringing pleasure in your experience with the machine. You can use the three gear shifts to adjust to the speed you like. With this, it hs the characteristics of a stable flight as well as an easy operation.

 Xiaomi MiTu Quadcopter


  1. Law enforcement in carrying out an investigation. Clear and quality videos are guaranteed.
  2. In hard-to-reach areas, Xiaomi Mitu Quadcopter is the best with the fact that it is resistant to high wind and with a 360-degree air tumbling.
  3. Xiaomi Mitu Quadcopter can be used to promote your business, especially with its fashion design. It can carry your business banner up in the sky and attract the eyes of your potential customers.

In conclusion, Xiaomi Quad Mitu Quadcopter is the drone to buy if you want to become a proficient journalist of a vlogger.


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