The New Drone Dawn: The Mini FPV Camera


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Long are gone the days when photographers had to submerge themselves in all sorts of situations to take pictures. Some of the situations were risky such as war fronts, dangerous terrains, and the remote wild world. Today, this has been sorted out by UAV and FPV technologies. The Mars T70 camera conquers all the hurdles to bring in the wanted pictures and videos.

Mars T70

Many people are now going for the drones or the UAV and FPV systems due to their advantages over other cameras. Some of the benefits of UAV and FVP systems include:

  • They come with two display options; FVP Goggles and Standard FVP Displays. The FVP Goggles are more fun but a bit expensive.You wear them similarly to the Virtual Reality (VR) headsets where the video feeds come from the drone’s Mars T70 camera. The standard FVP display has a directly built-in display into the Hubsan X4 H107D transmitter. However, you can still use your iPad or Smartphone as a display.
  • With the use of the FVP and UAV systems operating the drone, you can fly far away as long as you have good visibility or you engage a spotter. The distance traveled by the Mars T70 is dependent on visibility and the antennae quality. The mini FVP cameras do not need pilots on board hence can enter risky environments without risking any human life.
  • The Mars T70 camera can fly for over 30 hours performing accurate, repetitive scanning of an area or activity even in harsh conditions such as the fog and complete darkness while being controlled by a computer. It can be programmed to take pictures and store them if the transmission to the GCS is poor for later downloading
  • These gadgets come in two versions; already completely built drones (ready to fly) which are best for newbie’s, and DIY assembly version for the experienced flyers.
  • The Mars T70 mini FPV cameras are relatively cheap; the camera costs $40. However, the actual cost of each complete drone isnot easy to state. The reason behind this is that one has individualpreferences on the quality of the antennae, the UAV and FVP system, the display type, storage size and the battery size. Luckily, you can get an excellent complete gadget for about $500 to $1000 or below.

Mars T70

Features of Mini FPV Camera

The Mars T70 camera allows anyone to take photos FVP video in high definition (HD) and still photos. It is the small and lightweight camera that weighs 32gms. To experience videos and photos in real time you are required to download the DroneView App. The Mini FPV Camera comes with DroneView 1080 HD camera, Extensive Wi-Fi range, and a remote receiver extension. For it to perform effectively, you need a receiver, large storage memory card, and the DroneView App. Its dimensions are 3.8×1.4 inches (97x35mm).

Mars T70

Why this is the one

The mini FPV camera has many advantages such as being very light, affordable, safe, long flying time, easy to operate and mostly saves many lives. Many users new and experienced have applauded the Mars T70 cameras for their benefits – they are far much better than the earlier cameras. The mini FPV cameras can be used for other purposes other than military such as filming and journalism, shipping and delivery, disaster management, rescue and healthcare operations, archeological surveys, geographical mapping, law enforcement, safety inspections, agriculture, wildlife monitoring, weather forecasting, aerial photography, games and many other uses.


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