The Trendy TransTec Frog 218 Quadcopter Drone


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In last few years, the photography industry has been revolutionized forever. The quadcopter drones have done it all! Quadcopters are drones that are propelled by four rotors hence fall under the class of rotorcrafts. Their lift and propelling is achieved by the use of the vertical set of four propellers. We can get photos and videos from almost everywhere and anytime using the TransTec Frog 218.

TransTec Frog 218

These drones have become very popular especially in the media and film industries. 

They achieve easily what used to be hard. Imagine the time and money that was spent taking aerial photos and videos; people had to climb up buildings or hire helicopters. The outburst in liking of the TransTec Frog 218 has come about due to its efficiency, cheap price, lightweight, ease of use, longer flying duration, extend coverage distance, ease of programming to desired settings and ease of assembly. Note that the quadcopters come in two versions; ready to fly (complete built) version, and DIY version. The latter is for the expert flyers while the former is for the new flyers.


The makers of the TransTec Frog 218 are not done yet.

Innovations, Research, testing, adjustments, and readjustments are ongoing. This has made the drones to be ahead of other types in terms of stability, accuracy, control, efficiency, safety and content delivery. The material making the drone frame is very light (carbon fiber) hence less power is needed to fly it. Advanced technology in these drones has seen their prices fall to levels that are affordable to many.


Specifications of the TransTec Frog 218 Quadcopter Drones

Drone frame weight: 88g (far lighter than a cell phone)

Product Packed weight: 198g

Drone Chassis: 0.4cm 3K full carbon fiber

Shell: aircraft grade aluminum alloy

Product size: 18cm x 18cm x 4.5cm (7.09” x 7.09” x 1.77”)

Product packed size: 22cm x 23cm x 3cm (8.66” x 9.06” x 1.18”)

Screw: 12.9 class screw

Landing wheelbase: 218mm


Features of the TransTec Frog 218 Quadcopter Drones

  1. Flight control setup:

This assists you to learn how to control the drone; keen studying and practicing of the lessons will make you an excellent flyer. New flyers should start with the small drones which are more versatile to damages.

  1. Self-ruling features:

This rule emphasis on DIY mode of learning. The new flyers are requested to keep practicing flying till they become ace drone pilots. It also encourages DIY drone assembly so that the user may understand every component of the drone.

  1. Camera:

The choice of the camera will depend on individual preferences of the user but the best for quadcopter drones would be an FPV camera.

TransTec Frog 218

Benefits of using TransTec Frog 218 Quadcopter Drones

Just like other drones, this quadcopter drone has many benefits for the user. These benefits include; it is accessible and usable to all adults, it is affordable, sociable; apart from official work you can race or take aerial view selfies, leads to enjoying nature or fresh air for it flown in open spaces, and it gives new life to objects and sceneries other than what we are used to.


The user experience of the TransTec Frog 218 has altered our thinking and added pleasure to technology, sharing, learning and future career prospects. This photography product has taken us to a new level of life. We look forward to more advanced and innovative creations in the future.



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