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Well, things are getting better for both Android and iPhone gamers. Those interested in playing games on their phones without necessarily touching the screen have a fantastic deal. Of course, there are various types of gamepads, but the Flydigi one-handed Bluetooth gamepad is one of a kind. Flydigi gamepad uses Bluetooth controller technology where the input commands are reflected on the phone’s screen.

Bluetooth controller


The Flydigi Bluetooth gamepad is a sure great deal especially for those who love playing PUBG and Fortnite games. Previously, the Flydigi gamepad was explicitly designed for iPhones and was therefore not compatible with Androids; however, it was made available for androids later on with the release of a newer version.

Bluetooth controller


The new version was branded Flydigi Wasp -BT. Besides, the colour was changed from yellow to blue to show that it uses Bluetooth. Bluetooth controller technology was incorporated to replace the previous Cap Air Mapping technology to allow accommodation of the various sizes of Android mobile devices. Therefore the gamepad works on any device which fits into the gamepad controller.

Bluetooth controller

Features and Benefits

The device is innovatively made to be one-handed therefore the player does not have to fill the screen of the phone with hands. Through the one-handed design, there is a full view of how the game is being played on the screen making it enjoyable and comfortable. Flydigi Bluetooth gamepad offers a personalized experience to the gamer since the Bluetooth controller technology makes it not require an extra connection. The no connection needed feature is another great possession of the Flydigi one-handed Bluetooth gamepad.

Bluetooth controller

Moreover, there are many benefits of using the Flydigi Bluetooth gamepad. Gamers who play games related to aiming have a more significant advantage since the field of view will be more extensive. This works best for players of PUGB and Fortnite which involves a lot of aiming. Using the Flydigi Bluetooth gamepad provides flexible multi-control as well.

Bluetooth controller

It is evident that not all people play games on mobile phones since people have different preferences and it is of human nature that not all needs can be satisfied. Generally, the Flydigi Bluetooth gamepad has more benefits than drawbacks. The properties provide a remarkable encounter than any other typical gamepads which are bulky and may require other devices to work.

Bluetooth controller

The Flydigi Bluetooth gamepad process human hand pressure commands through sending a capacitive signal. Apart from Bluetooth, the gamepad does not allow any other connection such us internet connectivity or any further activation procedures. In addition, the player can download games from the play store or Appstore therefore once the gamepad is plugged, all is set. Other features include two hours to be fully charged and a battery life of up to 20 hours. All that is amazing for a gamepad, right?

Bluetooth controller

With all those fantastic features and benefits, Flydigi one-handed Bluetooth gamepad is indeed one of the best gamepads available. The gamepad goes for around $45-$60 depending on the location. For more information about it, please go to Banggood.


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