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There was a time when aerial view photography and video recording was highly expensive because you had to use a helicopter or charter plane to capture such views. But since the advent of quadcopter drones, anyone can capture aerial view shots like a professional. Most people think owning a something as advanced as a drone can be very expensive. But these amazing drones have become so affordable that they are easy as buying a toy or a something as basic as a wristwatch. So a quadcopter drone is the trendiest device in today’s world. Its uses and possibilities are limitless, and you can explore the world like never before using a quadcopter drone. If that is not enough, there are plenty of innovative accessories for these drones that further enhances your experience. That is exactly what the all-new Hubsan H122D Goggles are designed for.

Hubsan H122D Goggles

Features of H122D Goggles:

The HV002 goggles are designed for the Hubsan H122D remote-controlled quadcopter. It is made using unbreakable and highly durable plastic material. There is a wide and firm elastic headband in the rear that comfortably fits on your head. The adjustable strap makes it easy to adjust to fit your head size. The front cap just opens with a touch of the button on the top. The display transmitter unit of the drone firmly fits inside the front of the goggles. The lens of this goggles has a focal length of 140mm for a superior cinematic view. The range is about 100 meters which is pretty good for most occasions including drone race, hiking, exploration, cycling, etc.

Hubsan H122D Goggles

Benefits of Hubsan H122D Goggles:

Virtual reality goggles for quadcopter drones offer enhanced the first-person viewing experience. Though it is just your drone that is flying to a specified location, with Hubsan H122D goggles, you feel like you are right there. You can feel like you are flying yourself and thrill of racing can be really stunning with these goggles. Moreover, these goggles prevent any distractions between you and the view from your drone’s camera. There is nothing blocking the view and no interference of outside light. So wherever your drone goes, you will feel like you are there too.

Hubsan H122D Goggles

Quadcopter drones are now within the reach of a common man and that gives you an opportunity to explore things that you could not before. They are great for multiple purposes such as getting a close view of waterfalls, bird-eye view of your surroundings, adventure trips, picnics, etc. And these drones are not only affordable but also compact enough that you can carry it in your backpack wherever you go. And a pair of goggles can create several opportunities to experience fun and thrill while on the move.


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