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Did you know that policemen can’t fly drones below 400 feet? They also can’t use footage they collect from drone cameras. “Why would the police force be using drones?” you might ask. Well, let me explain.

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Technology in the modern day world is quickly revolutionizing, so many ask themselves or others, “What’s the trendiest new gadget right now?” or “What’s hot in the technology world?” The answer to that would have to be drones! Drones are positively dominating the market right now, and are cool, high-tech, can fly to heights of 400+ feet, and have cameras. They’re also remote-controlled, making them easy to maneuver and use as if you are piloting the drone from the mini driver’s seat.


The drone industry is maturing fast, and there are now hundreds of drone clubs, drone competitions, and drone DIY tutorials out there for you to learn from and join in if it peaks your interest! FPV (First Person View) Quadcopter Drones are all the rage right now, as they have cameras mounted on the front of them that record live footage that’s streamed to the pilot on the ground. Having an advanced FPV system includes possessing a drone with better features, functionality, and just really wide ranges of use. They’re currently being used for advanced tasks such as collecting data and even saving lives!

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I know it sounds a bit crazy, but drones really are being used as life-savers! They can very easily be positioned in the sky to survey damage from either man-made or natural disasters, and are used to locate stranded or injured victims. Rescue teams can also utilize drones to evaluate damage and dub whether it’s safe to go walking through the scene or not.


Drones are also being used to track weather patterns in hurricanes. They can easily be flown into the eye of the storm to gather the data that scientists need to keep tabs on changes and shifts in the hurricane. Famous and trustworthy brands for FPV Quadcopter Drones include: DJI, Eachine, Syma, Hubsan, Yuneec, Parrot, etc.

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Personally, I have a good amount of drone experience between myself and family members. I can tell you right now that FPV Quadcopter Drones are easy to control, fun for photography (among other things), and great for the entire family to use. Aside from their official use in government teams for data collecting, drones are cool and trippy enough to still be trending in the technology world ever since they first aired. Anyone can get their hands on a good drone if you check out the brands listed above. If you choose to pilot from the ground, you’ll be flying with the new generation.


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