Ultra-Smooth 3D 6CH Helicopter Align T-REX 500E Super Combo Review


AlignRC Helicopter

Carrying forward previous design by T-Rex 450 and T-Rex 600, Align T-REX 500E Super Combo incorporates highlighted their features and make a truly remarkable 3D helicopter. Whatever perspective you take on it, the copter always shows its elegant bearing to you, especially when doing 3D fancy stunts in the sky.

Align T-REX 500E
With 634mm in length, 111mm in width and 224mm in height, the helicopter is large in size, but you can’t read that from its appearance. The streamlined Align T-REX 500E possesses very compact and concise structure which is featured by light weight and high-strength carbon fiber framework. To some extents, the accurate structure makes great contribution to its 3D movements. Let alone, the exquisite canopy adds more charm to the flights.

Align T-REX 500E
Adopting flight control system with powerful gyro, Align T-REX 500E is characterized by its 3D stunts such as hovering, rolling, 360º rotating, flipping, crabbing, soaring as well as inverted flying, not mention to its super smooth normal flights namely raising/descending, turning left/right, moving forward and backing. Since this is a 6CH helicopter, it allows to reach two or three movements at the same time. For instance, it really likes a dragonfly in the sky when soaring, rolling and crabbing simultaneously.

Align T-REX 500ETo be honest, flybarless helicopter could be more flexible, but it’s often too agile to be controlled for beginners. As for Align T-REX 500E Super Combo, the helicopter utilizes flybar system which is warmly welcome by a mass of entry-level hobbyists. Of course, flybar helicopter gets more or less flaw in 3D flight, but you can correct it if adjusting the main blade into the right angle. Then very sensitive and smooth flights are easily reached weather you’re superiors or beginners.

Align T-REX 500ETo reduce sudden impact furthest, there is shockproof system installed in the frame. What’s more, the landing skid made by carbon fiber can decrease impact when it landing. In terms of the size of Align T-REX 500E Super Combo, it’s better for you to find an open and wide place fly it. Even flying outdoor with very strong wind, the copter can keeps its cool and amazing attitude as usual.

Align T-REX 500E


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