UNICORN 1 FPV Quad-copter Compatible with Clairvoyance 3D goggles Review


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Here we go to have to look at newly released UNICORN 1 FPV Quad-copter! Adopting full carbon fiber main frame, this quad-copter with 258mm in size and 25mm in frame thickness weighs 550g including all parts. Based on successful all-in-one design, the controllable quad-copter is designed for all levels hobbyists. Okay, let’s go to see how on earth it structures and performs!
UNICORN 1Firstly a special VTX antenna output for better image transmission heaves in sight. The black carbon frame indeed reduces much load and enables it to demonstrate agiler and smooth fights. There is a GPS module built in UNICORN 1, which ensures accurate and precise position hold. And the camera is installed on the nose with shock damper. Side baffle design on its flank is to avoid dust invading. The reserved position if for low voltage alarm installation.
UNICORN 1Speaking this, I want to show you more about 600TVL super mini camera which is capable enough for large-scale photography. 10º elevation ensures that your visual angle always keeps forward when the quad-copter in high speed flying. In addition, the VTX antenna gets 200Wm image output with wireless transmission distance up to 1km. What’s more, UNICORN 1 adopts flight control system with integrated gyro, balance meter, pressure meter.
UNICORN 1There are three flight models, namely GPS attitude mode, attitude mode and manual mode, which allows pilots to switch freely in line with certain need. On account of the integrated gyro, UNICORN 1 is pretty stable and smooth in rising, descending, moving forward/backward, turning left/right. Usually the flying direction is always consistent with nose. Under IOC mode, the flying direction is nothing to do with the nose wherever it points.

Finally, UNICORN 1 is equipped with a capable transmitter providing LCD screen. And the transmitter supports 2.4G telemetry which can monitor flight data such as battery voltage, weather, altitude, GPS, etc. Return-to-home is ensured when Unicorn flies too far from takeoff place and gets lost with the controller. Since the quad-copter can pass through impassable mountain, you’d better equip Clairvoyance 3D goggles.


4 Replies to “UNICORN 1 FPV Quad-copter Compatible with Clairvoyance 3D goggles Review”

  1. victor chakmakian says:

    i just got mine and this is what i found when i opened the box. 1st the charging cord don’t work in the us, the prop nuts were screwed down so tight i couldn’t remove them with vice grips, and all the other parts were loose in the bottom of the box and beat the shit out of the controller scratching the screen. what a peice of crap

  2. sevenqu says:

    My meaning is if you find the product has quality problems ,you can contact our customer service team to exchange .

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