Unveiling The ALIGN T-REX 470LT


RC Helicopter

RC helicopters help free your mind! This is what the latest investigations by a group of Australian psychologists say. According to them, when you are concentrated on this activity, you can see your problems from a different perspective. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why radio controlled helicopters have a lot of lovers all over the world. If you still think that this is just a childish hobby, you are on the wrong planet. The community of people who dedicate their whole life to RC helicopters is huge. There are many competitions, clubs, and tutorials devoted to this activity.



Even though there are many manufacturers on the market of RC helicopters, one of the most reliable brands is ALIGN. Its best features are high quality and affordable prices. They produce helicopters as well as various equipment for them. In addition, the company offers multicopters and devices for aerial photography.


Among their models, you can find the one known as ALIGN T-REX 470LT. This is one of the most anticipated RC helicopters. It includes a variety of powerful and interesting advantages which are worthy of the money spent.


Torque Tube System

The main feature of the new ALIGN T-REX 470LT is highly efficient torque provided by a tube drive system. Owing to this system, the helicopter increases the power output and reduces gear abrasion. As a result, this model boasts direct and precise flight as well as incredible tail performance.


In addition, the model includes a newly designed tail control unit supported by the dual point system. A brand new tail rotor holder includes thrust bearings. This is good for the helicopter’s accuracy and durability. ALIGN T-REX 470LT is equipped with Main Rotor Head which improves flight stability. In addition, it includes CG design to provide a rigid and fast rotor head response.


Aerodynamic Dimensions

The model offers new dimensions. For example, the 470 main shaft outer dimension is of 6mm while feathering shaft outer dimension is 5mm now. Such a modification makes it possible to improve the strength and durability of the unit.


ALIGN T-REX 470LT includes a1.2mm 3K carbon fiber main frame. Its body has become a bit wider which makes it possible to increase the size of the battery compartment. It allows a user to get a battery of larger capacity. The landing skid has been tilted 5 degrees forward. It contributes to improving crashworthiness.


Extended Blades

Flying stability, as well as powerful performance, has been improved owing to 380mm main blades. They were designed bearing airfoil engineering technologies in mind. It also helps reduce turbulence at the end of each main blade. Owing to them an amazing tail holding performance is provided.



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