Volantex V792-2, a high speed racing boat


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With the RC toy’s continuous development, the kinds is broadened, and RC boat is one of them. Volantex V792-2 is high speed racing boat, it represents the meaning of fun, which would give you special joy.

Volantex V792-2
Volantex V792-2 is in an almost ready-to-play design. There are two kinds of colors of decoration papers for you to choose to stick on the boat. It is 66.5cm in length and 17cm in width. It is made of ABS unibody providing superb rigidity and durability.

Volantex V792-2In addition to the great look and compact size, Volantex V792-2 comes with a series of excellent components and systems. It is powered by out runner brushless water cooled motor and water cooled ESC, which means a tons of power and durability. If you look for excitement of fast speed, this racing boat is what you want. It can accelerate up to 45km/h, which offers you a fun of fast. The offset rudder system provides superb stability in all wake conditions while keeping the boat glued to the water. Also thanks to the equipped pistol grip-style transmitter using 2.4Ghz technology, we can easily control the boat.

Volantex V792-2
Volantex V792-2 is a toy played at lake, so you should pay attention to the safe problem when you are playing, and the youth less than 14 years old are not supposed to play.


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