Walkera 4F200LM 2.4GHz 6CH Brushless 3-Axis Gyro RC Helicopter BNF Review


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Have you played remote control airplane? It is designed by simple technology and has less functions just for playing. Walkera 4f200lm remote control helicopter integrates various high technology and advantages into its body. Full of attractive and highly integrated design, it attracts more and more children and adults to playing.
Walkera 4F200LM Reivew
The design of this Auto-Pathfinder is attractive and highly integrated and the streamlined body greatly show the aesthetics of industrial design and the fantastic visual effects can make you become the focus of the crowd. Is Walkera 4f200lm just can be play? Further more, you can install a GoPro or the other cabinet cameras on your Auto-Pathfinder to take some pictures to bring you a new travel experience from the air. There is an integrated flight dynamics system in the MX+GPS multi-rotor autopilot system, the dedicated remote controller and receiver. Its stability will bring you reassurance for flight. With the Intelligent Orientation(IOC), the forware of flying multi-rotor is the same as the nose direction that you can control it easily. Do you worry about the wrong of the MX autopilot system? You can be relax. If the communication between the MX controller and the transmitter stop, The outputs of all command from control will enter the position of centre. The system will also automatically trigger to return to home and land safely if the GPS signal is not good enough. You won’t be worried that it will break. It’s convenient that you shouldn’t buy the remote controller and receiver because they exist in the Auto-Pathfinder. You should only add 4 AA dry batteries, and it can get you longer travel for you.

Many lover of remoto control plane are attract the design of compact and highly integrated.  Walkera 4f200lm is suitable for children as well as adults for playing or recording the scene. And it is lightweight and cabinet enough for you to pack it into your bag easily, suitable for carring when you travel.


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