Walkera 4F200LM Special Three-Blade Helicopter with 3Axid Gyro Review


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Hello, everybody! Here I’m gonna take a look at Walkera 4F200LM, super stylish 2.4GHz 6CH helicopter. I’ve never saw that a helicopter so much resembles the bee. Especially when flying at very high altitude, the pretty little thing almost becomes the real bee. Every part of the helicopter seems so intentional but reasonable, which forms into the great three-blade helicopter. You can keep reading if interested!
Walkera 4F200LMFirst and foremost, it is streamlined and scientific structure that enables Walkera 4F200LM to achieve agile and smooth flights. With 448mm in overall length, the three-blade helicopter only weighs 410g with battery included. CNC-machined three-blade main rotor is composed of metal blade holder, metal rotor head and metal swash-plate, which tells high-strength structure. Besides, flybarless system increases response speed and flight efficiency as well.

Walkera 4F200LM
Normal flights like rising, descending, turning left/right, moving forward/backward can be reached without striking a blowing. And Walkera 4F200LM is capable of hovering, rolling, 360º rotating, flipping, crabbing, pitching and inverted flying. Adopting flight control system with 3-axis gyro, the copter can automatically correct its attitude when flying into wrong direction. Featured by excellent pulling power, the 6CH copter ensures unexpectedly furious aerobatics.

Walkera 4F200LM
In addition, the translucent canopy made of durable ABS plastic is of great toughness, which can survive many crashes. Meanwhile, it can help pilot identify the flying direction of Walkera 4F200LM. The main blade adopts carbon fiber of great toughness can’t be deformed easily. And the remote distance is about 300m to 500m. Considering its size, this helicopter is suited to fly both indoor and outdoor. Of course, indoor flight requires wide and open space.

Walkera 4F200LMOverall, three-blade helicopter like Walkera 4F200LM is the capable kit for experienced pilot. Compared with single-blade helicopter, three-blade helicopter features higher pulling power, allowing to reach faster and more furious aerobatics. And the response speed can be greatly improved! Anyway, only flying the helicopter by yourself can you tell how cool it is!


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