Walkera DEVO 10 2.4 GHz 10CH Transmitter LCD Telemetry Review


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If you want to buy Walkera DEVO 10, I’m glad to provide all information that I knew. Well,  2.4GHz 10CH transmitter adopts DSSS technology, which supports automatic ID binding and ID assignment as well as customizedly fixed ID code. And it’s compatible with helicopter and airplane to meed your different model requirement. Besides, it supports online upgrade via USB connector to to reach the latest program.

Walkera DEVO 10
First and foremost, the All black plastic panels design of Walkera DEVO makes it quite comfortable when held in hands. And the anti-skidding shell won’t be oxidized by sweat and dust. To improve touch feeling, the transmitter adopts excellent “quad-bearing” design, which results in very comfortable control feeling. In addition, all switches neatly arranged on ergonomic case, which greatly ease manual operation.

Walkera DEVO 10
What’s more, the telemetry module built in Walkera DEVO 10 supports transmission of vital feedback with the flight control module, and pilots can read the feedback via the LCD display. Flight data like battery voltage, altitude, temperature, RPM/GPS and so on can be real-time monitored, greatly reducing crashes or other accidents. When the flying data exceeds setting specification, the alarm will beep and vibrate in response to warn you.

Walkera DEVO 10
Moreover, Walkera DEVO 10 allows to store thirty groups of model data with independent parameters of curves and gyroscope sensitivity. At the same time, every flight mode can be independently set with index curve, which allows you to choose between automatic switch or manual switch. If you are experienced pilot good at adjusting the tail curve, the aircraft will be more stable during the process of flying.

Walkera DEVO 10
Last but not least, the transmitted power can be set according to personal need. If for short-distance flight, you can set lower power to save electricity. Or you can turn up the power to ensure the safety of your aircraft when starting a long distance flight. Walkera DEVO 10 supports both left hand and right hand throttle modes, which allows you to choose in line with personal habit.


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