Walkera G400 GPS 6CH RC Helicopter With DEVO 7 Review


RC HelicopterWalkera

First Toy Reviews-Walkera G400 GPS  Review

Main Rotor Diameter:636mm

Tail Rotor Diameter:136mm

Overall Length:636mm

Tail Motor:1627F


Brush ESC:G400ESC

Main Controller:FCS400

All-up Weight:620g(Battery included)

Gyro: Six Axis

Battery:11.1V 1600mah Li-Po

Main Motor:380PF

key function for G400:

1. Support 3 flight mode:

(1). Manual mode:MIX Switch to “0” Position for basic flight and 3D flight
(2). GPS mode: MIX Switch to “1” Position for position hold and hovering
(3). One key go home mode:MIX Switch to “2” Position

2. Failsafe to return&Landing; the helicpoter can return home when lost signal.

3. Low voltage protection function: the helicopter can land by itself when the battery is low voltage;

GPS technology newest apply in helicopter

The new flight feeling for 3D helicopter:GPS attitude hold mode to keep a safe hovering.

GPS attitude hold

When helicopter is hovering, turn MIX switch to “1” position,then leave off the stick to enter into the GPS attitude  hold mode

One key go home

When helicopter fly to the sky,move MIX switch to “2” position on the transmitter to enter to the “one key go home” function,then the helicopter can automatically return home safely and stable.

First Toy Reviews-FCS400  Review


5 Replies to “Walkera G400 GPS 6CH RC Helicopter With DEVO 7 Review”

  1. Ted says:

    From these figures, it seems that the helicopter is good. I have already ordered one. I wish I will not feel regret of buying it in the future.

  2. Rosemary says:

    I have sent it to my brother, and he likes this present I sent him. He said that it is funny and interesting to fly it. I recommend it to you if you has friends who are addicted to flying.

  3. Osmond says:

    My friend told me that the helicopter is good, and what he bought is the certified product. He said it is really interesting to fly this helicopter. He recommends it to me.

  4. Jenice says:

    My uncle sent me this helicopter to me as a birthday present. It is really funny to fly this helicopter. It is my favorite present I had ever received.

  5. Wright says:

    What a powerful helicopter it is! I like it. Can you tell me how much it is so that I can decide whether I should order it or not?

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