Walkera Master CP: Nice 3D Helicopter with Six-Axis Gyro for Beginners


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For enthusiasts the first time to fly 3D copter, I strongly recommend Walkera Master CP. It’s one of the most remarkable Walkera helicopters. Since released on the market, the copter has been widely welcome by a mass of enthusiasts. Considering beginners’ need, the helicopter adopts collectively reliable components to achieve better 3D movements.

With 440mm in overall length and 350g in all-up weight, the helicopter is featured by its streamlined structure and high control ability. Adopting flybarless system with ultra-low center of gravity, Walkera Master CP ensures pretty fast response and sensitive fancy stunts. At the same time, the low CG endows the helicopter with better resistance to the wind, which greatly enhances flying stability.
Walkera Master CPIn addition, Walkera Master CP utilizes the latest flight control system with adjustable six-axis gyroscope, which means the helicopter is more stable when doing stimulating 3D fancy stunts. Because of the terrific gyro, the copter is capable of hovering, rolling, flipping, pitching, inverted flying, vertical flying and so on. Even if flying into wrong direction in windy outdoor, it can automatically correct the attitude. Thus, the whole 3D show is finished in super smoothness.

Walkera Master CPAre you still worried that you couldn’t control furious 3D flying? The six-axis gyroscope ensures stable and precise flights, which makes it easy for you to control both basic flights and 3D stunts with less difficulty of operation. Superiors can gain full-fun flight from such considerate copter while beginners can be shocked by a 3D helicopter like Walkera Master CP.

Walkera Master CP
What’s more, the 3D helicopter adopts reasonable and compact structure, which makes it easier to maintain. According to some enthusiasts experienced the copter, Walkera Master CP is pretty durable and it can survive many crashes actually. Even the main rotor independent from the main frame adopts enhanced carbon fiber, which effectively improves the resistance to the impact. So go ahead! Let the 3D helicopter train your skill!


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