Walkera Scout X4 is perfect for both hobbyists of flying and aerial photography


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Undoubtedly, Walkera Scout X4 is a really good quadcopter with a series of functions. It comes with three versions to satisfy different people’s favor from different regions. One of its biggest features is that you can fly it at any way you want because this quad is set allowing us to design the flight airlines, then it will fly along the routine we want, which is perfect for aerial photography as well as helps to record we want.

Walkera Scout X4The follow me mode is interesting. Once you preset, it’ll follow you no matter where you go, and it is under your control at any time. It seems that this function is also specially designed for aerial photography because it can record everything along the  way you pass.

Walkera Scout X4

Walkera Scout X4 is amazing! Flying with it is absolutely powerful. It can change from 4 motors into 8 motors, which you will not see from other quads. And with this function, even though it loads a gimbal and camera, it can still fly powerful and agile. What is good is that you can witness its changing process via the remote monitor. By mounting a Ipad or tablet phone on the holder, you can have a FPV control of your quad, and seeing what it sees in real-time. Moreover, with the back-up power together with the holder, you can enjoy longer FPV time. So great!

Walkera Scout X4 provides super long flight time up to 25 minutes. For both hobbyists of flying and aerial photography, they can enjoy to the fullest. If you want more info check the full info over on our product page here.


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