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I have never seen a quad copter combining so many high techs and functions in one! Walkera Scout X4 probably is the copter with most powerful functions in the current market. It comes with three versions in consideration of customer’s favor in each market, featuring easy operation, outstanding flight function and long flight time. Let’s have a closer look at it.

Walkera Scout X4First of all, one key to start and one key to return make it easy to operate, which is specially good for beginners. Fail safe return will well protect our aircraft when accidents happen suddenly like loss of control signal. Under these unexpected situations, this function enables our Walkera Scout X4 to automatically attempt to return to its starting position for a safe landing.

Walkera Scout X4
Secondly, Walkera Scout X4 allows us to set 128 airlines in total, according to the fact of flight requirements. Then the copter can fly following the way point designated by us, so it will be under our control anytime. It reminds me of one sentence, The World Is Your Oyster, and now i can deeply understand its meaning through operating Walkera Scout X4. What’s more, in line to the preset airline, the plane will turn back along the route, so we don’t need to worry that it will lose orientations.

Walkera Scout X4
Thirdly, powered by 22.2V 5400mAh Lipo-battery, Walkera Scout X4 is able to fly up to 25 minutes, which is unbeatable in the market. The copter also has a built-in battery charge status monitoring that promotes safe and convenient flight operation. And the back-up power can extend the time of power supply, avoiding forced landing due to short of power.

Walkera Scout X4
Last but not least, Walkera Scout X4 also offers a real time telemetry monitoring, so we can see the copter’s every movement very clearly on screen, keeping it controllable. But beyond that, it also features follow me mode, GPS position hold, hyper IOC function and objective round flight. Such a multi-functional Walkera Scout X4 is here for you!

Walkera Scout X4


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