Walkera Super CP 3D 6CH DEVO 7E RC Helicopter Kit Review


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What can model pilots do while the outdoor is full of snow? Maybe you need a super mini helicopter like Walkera Super CP to kill the time. Actually, mini 3D helicopter seems more challenging and interesting than large helicopter. This is one of the most classical 3D helicopters, which enjoys decent reputation among many pilots. I strongly recommend Super CP, cause it would be a great pity if you just skip the copter!
Walkera Super CPDesigned in line with aerodynamics, the main frame enables Walkera Super CP to take advantage of buoyancy to reach easier control. The flybarless system featuring low CG greatly promotes response speed as well as flight efficiency, which also reduces difficulty in operating fancy stunts. Besides, this helicopter can automatically correct its attitude when flying into wrong direction by accident on account of adjustable three-axis gyroscope.

Walkera Super CP
Normal flights like rising, descending, turning left/right, moving forward/backward can be achieved without a hitch. Let alone, Walkera Super CP is capable of hovering, rolling, 360º rotating, pitching, flipping, crabbing, vertical flying as well as inverted flying. What’s more, the 6CH 3D helicopter allows to simultaneously conduct two or three stunts. For instance, flipping, 360º rotating and vertical flying are allowed to reach concurrently.

Walkera Super CP
In addition, Walkera Super CP utilizes electronic control system integrated with 3-axis gyro stabilized system, servo control system as well as 2.4G receiving system. Powered by high performance coreless motor with high-capacity battery, the helicopter provides pilots with full-fun flight wherever you are. The balance bar design is for lower power consumption, which to some extent enhances the cycle life and flight time .

Walkera Super CPLast but not least, Walkera Super CP is equipped with DEVO 7E transmitter with LCD telemetry. Flight data such as battery’s voltage, altitude, temperature, RPM, GPS can be monitored via the LCD monitor. The switch on the top of its case is especially for one-key 360º rotating. And remote range reaches about 500m with very stable interaction. Pilots allow to freely upgrade online to reach the latest program. Hope what I provide can help you!
Walkera Super CP


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