Walkera Super CP: the most cost-effective 6CH 3D flybarless copter


RC HelicopterWalkera

Featured by low power loss and great improvements in efficiency, Walkera Super CP has been welcomed by many copter enthusiasts. The six-channel design makes the copter sensitively flexibly work with any intelligent transmitter. And sophisticated three-axis gyro flybarless stabilization system can automatically adjust flying attitude for stable flight. Therefore, enthusiasts are allowed to enjoy both flexible and stable three dimensional flight. Expect for normal forehead and backward, up and down and sides flying, the copter is very good at hovering, 360 degree rolling and other furious flying. Besides, there are very highlight detailed designs of the copter.

The whole framework of Walkera Super CP is designed in line with aerodynamics, very suitable for new-in enthusiasts. And the most efficient wrap-around design helps the control system easier to be mastered. meanwhile, the power system adopts high-performance coreless motor, supported by high capacity Li-polymer battery, you are allowed to enjoy full-fun flight wherever you are. In addition, it is the first time that the electronic control system takes the integrated design of three-axis gyro stabilized system, servo control system and 2.4G receiving system. Moreover, no balance bar design greatly reduces power consumption and enhances the cycle life and time of flight. And the low voltage driving system fully reflects the environmental protection and energy saving concepts.

Walkera Super CPFinally, the shell of Walkera Super CP is made of durable material which possesses very strong resistance to impacts. It is an 3D flight copter, so it can not avoid crashing or falling onto the ground. But it is okay, you are allowed to make error control seldom. For sake of its mini size, the copter is suitable for both indoors and outdoor flying, every flight time can reach five to six minutes. And the RX firmware can be updated online, telemetry function helping you get a real-time data feedback about the battery voltage can be accomplished after updating the RX firmware.


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