What can you expect from Syma X13



No matter what we buy, the question we concern most is what we can get from what we bought. Syma X13 is a mini quadcopter. If you ask me the same question about it, i can clearly tell you what you can expect from this quadcopter.

Syma X13

First of all, let’s have a closer look at Syma X13’s external structure.

Syma X13

Syma X13 owns a compact structure at size of 15.6 x 15.6 x 3.6cm, and from the above pictures and descriptions, we can see that each detail has been considered and made with many protective designs, which means what we possess is a strong quadcopter that can offer us safe and stable flight.

Secondly, this drone adopts a motor with super power, bringing us an ever powerful flight performance.

Syma X13

Thirdly, Syma X13 applies a 2.4GHz remote controller that allows us to fly up to 50m without interference when receiving signals, that is to say, we can enjoy a high and smooth flight experience.

Syma X13

In addition, with the equipped 6-axis, high-precision gyro and 2.4GHz remote controller, the flight is very pleasant. We can fully show our flight skills, such as up/down, left/right, forward/backward, side flight, 360 degree flips and 3D eversion.

Syma X13

Furthermore, this drone is good at flying both indoor and outdoor, the joy of flying is everywhere. Also with LED lights, it is no problem to play at night.

Syma X13

Oh, i almost forgot to tell you that Syma X13 is capable to fly 5-minutes and needs 70 minutes to charge. Firm and safe structure, powerful motor, no signal interference, wonderful flight stunts and suitable to fly indoor, that’s all we can get from Syma X13, are you satisfied with them? If you are interested on this drone, you can be order it from BG for only $29.99 right here.


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