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Diamond painting is a calming hobby that has quickly become newest trending craft project. It’s a relatively new art form based on a century-old practice of rhinestone/beaded paintings. 5D Diamond Painting diamond painting kits utilizes technology to break down images into patterns, and it’s similar to cross stitching. Small, shiny diamonds (beads/drills) are applied to a sticky canvas to create a work of art!


What are diamond painting kits
They are just basically tools that are used in carrying out diamond painting. Each kit comes with a variety of tools (depending on the company you purchase from). These toolkits often contain a sorting tray, tweezers, a pen tool, baggies, and a wax pad (used for lightly holding the diamonds to the tool itself).

Types of diamond painting kits
There are many types of diamond painting kits to choose from, but there are 3 major types. Partial Drill, Full Drill, and Multi-paneled kits.
Full Drill Kits: Diamonds covering the entire painting.
These kits are printed with symbols on the entire canvas. The adhesive covers the full image and it’s best to work in small sections as full drill paintings require a lot of time and patience to complete. The end result of a full drill painting will often cause onlookers to fall in love with aesthetic and hobby in general.
Partial Drill Kits: Diamonds covering only a partial portion of the painting.
Each canvas is printed using high definition printing techniques, but only some of them feature paintings with diamonds that cover the entire canvas. Symbols are printed onto the painting indicating where to place the diamonds. Often times it’s the “featured subject” that is highlighted as the background is left without diamonds allowing the HD printing to show through.
Multi-Paneled Kits: Partial OR Full Drill Paintings that include more than one painting to complete the final piece.
These kits are much like the above mentioned but feature multiple panels that are used to create a larger picture. This allows for creative decorating ideas, large passion projects, and hours of mind-calming fun.

Where to buy diamond painting kits
You can buy your diamond painting kits at Banggood.com and get it shipped to you anywhere in the globe. They customer service is remarkable and you are guaranteed of getting a quality product.

Depending on how fast you are, and how large the canvas is. Smaller kits usually take anywhere from 6-10 hours to complete without breaks. Larger kits may take up to 20 hours to finish.


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