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Ksimerito are puppets of the Distroller brand that have become very famous. The Mexica brand Distroller launched in 2012 its new line of dolls that they describe on their official website as neonates and that, although they have been around for years, now have become a real boom in the country’s toy stores.


What are Ksimeritos?
The “ksimeritos” or casimeritos toys, are very colorful dolls of the Distroller brand and have become the favorites of girls between 6 and 12 years, since they emulate a newborn, still with umbilical cord. All ksimeritos come in your incubator, and come with birth certificate, vaccination card and more accessories to play to be real breasts. The children will have the help of the nurse Tania, a specialist in neonatal care, is in charge of teaching them how to adopt and give advice on how to care for their buds. The ksimerites are fed through an umbilical cord while they belong in the incubator.

Where to buy ksimeritos
If you are looking for a website where you can buy original ksimeritos, you can find all the ksimeritos of the distroller brand at Banggood.com

Ksimeritos are very exciting toys for your kids to have and they are not expensive to purchase.


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