Why RC toys with Brushless motors?

There was a time where people used to buy RC toys for their kids but then their kids never played with that toy because their father was busy playing with it and never have let their kids touch the toys. RC toys were great in those days were computer gaming was Rich-people oriented. Well, those days are gone RC toys are cheaper to buy nowadays but it’s not a pleasure anymore to control a bought toy. Instead, people have built the craze which is the result of their obsession with these RC toys to start building their own RC toys. People from all over the world try to compete by building a massively big RC toy or by means of a smart approach by adding a few features to their toys which can do some tricks and make you say,”WOW”.

brushless motor

Have you ever build an RC toy? No, then don’t worry we’ve got you covered. We will teach you how to build your own RC toy. First, get yourself a body, Not a human body but a body in which you’ll add your motors, transmitter-receivers, circuits and then give it a wheel or a propeller. Take legit body which can hold these stuff or you can buy an RC vehicle body in online stores. Then get a small circuit for your toy to receive signals from your remote or transmitter. Now, a motor is required to power your homemade beast.


Motor for RC toys

Motor for RC toys comes with two types – brushless motor or motor with a brush. Remember, always go for a high KV motor which can give you a good response and can also be helpful for your future upgrades in your toy. Then you won’t have to for another motor to satisfy your upgrades. We recommend going for a brushless motor for as they don’t have brushes and less worry about the physical commutator. They also have fewer parts then Brush motors. brushless provide great power and remain low on temperature with the lowest weight. The copper winding is on the outside, so they can get a little bigger in size. We won’t teach you physics to prove the advantages of the brushless motor over Brush ones.

TransTec Frog 218

Remember, don’t spend money to buy a big motor which won’t fit in your model or just take spaces of your gears. Also, a good diameter of the shaft of the motor is required to make your gears move flawlessly. Not just about RC toys, Brushless motors are used for various electric and hybrid parts in vehicles.


Everything you need to know about building your own RC toys is done. So, its time for you to start building one and get busy searching parts and brushless motor online or offline.


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