Why You Should Buy iCharger X6 Smart Battery Charger For your RC Toys

The use of RC toys has increased across the globe. As technology continues to advance, people have shifted from the traditional toys to the modern remote controlled. At first, the RC toys acted as playing gadgets for children, but with time they were advanced to meet the needs of all population. Examples of simple toys used are RC cars and drones among others. These toys have a wide range of uses which includes enabling control of devices from a distance. You can, therefore, have control over your machine using remote control. The other application can consist of collecting data while ensuring maximum secrecy. For instance, an intelligence organization can use a remotely controlled drone to take photos or record a video of a particular region of interest.

iCharger X6

For a long time, hobbyists have been looking for the best smart chargers for their products. iCharger is a brand that has managed to establish itself in this industry by developing high-quality, intelligent chargers compatible with all RC toy batteries. The iCharger models can balance charge thus enhancing durability, guaranteeing maximum power output and matched cell voltage. The brand’s charger models ensure that all your RC toys have enough charge to allow you carry out your plans. iCharger has developed a new iCharger X6 smart battery charger to maximize your experience.

iCharger X6

The iCharger X6 battery charger has an input voltage of 7-32VDC with a maximum current of 35A. This type of charger is compatible with most RC toys and therefore meeting your needs. It has an LCD touchscreen of 2.4” that allows you to monitor your battery charging clearly and discharging process. It has a maximum charging power of 800W and discharging of 30W which ensures that your device keeps a charge for a more extended period as well as charging at a desirable speed.

iCharger X6

Most hobbyists are looking for a charger that’s not so big to carry around when the need arises. With this knowledge, the company has designed this new smart charger to weigh only 167g. It is small in size and has less weight thus making it portable. A balance current of 2A ensures that the charging matches with the device you are charging.

iCharger X6

The X6 battery charger is fit with digital power mode to ensures that your device is protected from any cases of over/under current and voltage which may cause damage. It also has a fan control that automatically senses and regulates the internal temperature. Through a USB port or an SD card, the charger can be used to upgrade hardware programs thus helping you keep your toys up-to-date.

iCharger X6

As technology continues to upgrade, it is also essential to check out for products that are on par with these developments. iCharger X6 is designed to ensure that your new RC toys use chargers that understand the modern technology world.


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  1. Suju says:

    Can I fetch data frames of icharger X8 using STM32 microcontroller from its usb port ?

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