WLtoys 20402 Review – perfect for an RC car lover


RC Car

Radio-controlled cars are attractive for all ages, and it seems that having in your hand a remote and controlling a car never gets old. Many generations have enjoyed this in their childhood, and many adults want to experience it as adults too. The market has met a continuous expansion in the last decades, and indeed, technology’s progress had a tremendous influence on RC car products’ evolution. It’s not just a toy for children, it is also a hobby and communities, clubs, competitions have been built around RC cars’ concept, and on social media channels, there are plenty of RC-related DIY tutorials.


The latest, affordable RC car that has come into the spotlights is WLtoys 20402, produced by WLtoys manufacturer, caught RC passionate fan’s attention with its attractive features and outstanding usage performance.

WLtoys 20402

Four 370-magnetic motors

This RC truck is appreciated by many RC fans for 45 km/h high speed. The WLtoys 20402 R.C truck has four strong magnetic engines (370) that allow this mini vehicle to surpass all the obstacles it will encounter in its way.

WLtoys 20402

Wheelie trick

The wheelie is the most exciting feature of this RC truck and will impress everybody with this readily achievable trick: the WLtoys 20402 is capable of walking upright while running. With considerable higher speed than the other RC trucks available on the market, including this fun, entertaining and exciting wheelie feature, WLtoys-20402 allows you to spend your hobby time in a pleasurable and relaxing way.

WLtoys 20402


This little giant, more than surpassing obstacles in its way, is also capable of dealing strong vibration. Featuring an independent suspension system, this WLtoys 20402 R.C truck can easily deal with vibration and maintain its balance in a very impressive manner. The aluminum bottom makes this care more solid, while the top part comes in three colors: black, red, and yellow.

WLtoys 20402


The four-wheel drive system will successfully maintain the traction balance and the ground clearance and has a positive influence on vehicle drifting and handling. For excellent maneuverability, this WLtoys 20402 R.C truck comes with high grip rubber tires. The professional off-road tires challenge more road condition and the mitigation system can prevent damage caused by vibration.


The WLtoys-20402 RC truck measures 21cm x15.2cm x 10cm and weighs only 550 grams. These dimensions are just perfect for an RC car, giving it stability and reliability. This truck has a 7.4V & 500mAh (LiPo) battery with a working time of continuous 8 minutes at high speed, and 3 hours full charging time. In the purchase package, you will find the car itself, the remote control, a battery, a U.S.B cable and a booklet with instructions. We’re sure you will enjoy all features of this product, because it is one of the most favorites on the market, in its category.


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