Wltoys F8: Robots Change Your Life


There is no doubt that technology industry has made great achievements in 2016. VR, FPV and robot, as the most hot spots of the society, have caught attention from investors and consumers. As technological age is coming, artificial intelligence is making change on people’s life in many aspects. Robot will attract more and more attention.

No matter a teddy bear or a mini toy car, what they gives to child is not only entertainment, but emotional healing or learning inspiration. Fortunately, with the development of technology, the toys we play now is much more different than ever before. Much more science and technology factors have been applied into these toys. In fact, it can be greatly used to arouse child’s curiosity and develop their intelligence.

In order to cater to the need of child’s market, Wltoys has launched its robot product named F8. It is a kind of intelligent and multifunction RC robot, which is also your child’s best friend of their childhood. The robot is designed in the size of 47.3*24.0*11.4, weighing 2.15kg. It is made up of Acrylonitrile Butadience Styrene plastic and aluminum alloys, which absolutely dose no harm to people’s health. I am quite fond of its cutie looking. Three colors, red, gray and white integrated perfectly, making it simple but high-end.

Wltoys F8

Speaking of its function, what amazes me a lot is its complex action. The robot named Dobi, has 17 digital servos, with which he can conduct his action.

Wltoys F8

Each of the servos has its own ID, enabling a certain joint to rotate or move. Besides, it has a self-balancing system so that he can get up on his own after falling down.

Wltoys F8

I must say Wltoys F8 is such a considerate robot design because of the built-in Bluetooth. Due to this Bluetooth 4, you can connect several robots with one mobile device and control the with the app. The app is specially designed to control it for dancing, performing martial art, yoga and telling story. The control distance can up to 20 meters. The another feature of it must be the voice control. It means that you can make him act correspondingly to a certain command. For example, if you tell him to sing a song, of course, the beautiful music will flow into your ears soon. It is quite amazing, right?

I can’t deny the fact that with Wltoys F8 robot, my life becomes much more wonderful and interesting.