Wltoys K969, a fast and furious RCA car


RC Car

Speaking of RC cars, I’ll soon think of Wltoys. This time, the Wltoys K969 has something different. From the appearance, we can know obviously that its inspiration is from the popular movie-Fast & Furious. I believe, when we watched this series of movies, most of us want to have a try of that kind of cool and exciting driving, and maybe this model can help us.

Wltoys K969The first reason is that Wltoys K969 comes with really high-quality manufacturing. It adopts a PVC shell that is with high toughness, explosion- proof feature and cool paintings, which make it eye-catching and give us a solid protection cover, so we can rush fearlessly! Together with the metal chassis that owns strong functions of shock resistance and drop resistance, during the whole running, all power components are well stabilized, so we can gallop no matter it is on ground, grass or sand land.

Wltoys K969The second reason is the powerful systems. Combing 130 brush motor, sensitive servo and 4 400mAh batteries, Wltoys K969 is able to reach high speed up to 30km/h, offers longer flight time about 90 minutes and make it possible to drift. I believe we are totally excited when seeing the flying dust and hearing the noise caused by acceleration!

Wltoys K969The last reason attributes to the assistant systems such as the independent shockproof system which can effectively prevent damages caused by the vibration. The independent suspension frame system is also effective in reducing the friction causing from the vibration. In favor of their assistance, our running will be safer.

So far, we know that Wltoys K969 is solid, speedy and safe to run, just start your fast and furious journey! To know recommended configuration, you could visit product page on Banggood.


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