WLtoys P939, a beautiful off road car with outstanding running ability


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WLtoys P939 is a RC off road car. Although it is small, it is full of power. The red shell makes it so eye-catching. The shell is crashworthy made adopting antiknock PVC color printing, creating a strong protective cover for the car. Beneath the beautiful shell is its whole structure.

WLtoys P939In addition to a reliable upper protective cover, WLtoys P939 also comes with a strong bottom protective cover. It adopts an alloy pedestal which is impact resistant and can well stabilize the inside components to provide a more balanced and stable gravity during running, allowing the car to remain safe and sound even running on rugged roads.

WLtoys P939

As a off road car, outstanding running ability and fast speed are must-have. WLtoys P939 integrates 130 brushed motor, independent digital servos weighing 5g with the steering gear steering protection, which is sensitive and responds quickly, giving powerful thrust. Together with the four wheels with independent suspension system, this car is able to run stably and safely at speed of 30km/h. It can easily come across barriers to give you an ever exciting off road experience!

Powered by 7.4v 400mAh lithium battery, WLtoys P939 gives you about 30 minutes running time. Make good use of the 30 minutes and enjoy infinite joy it brings to you. If you are interested on this rc car, you can be order it from BG for only $49.14 right here.


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