Wltoys Q212g is fantastic to look with functions of WIFI transmission and air pressure sensor


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We are always glad to see highlights to surprise us. For Wltoys Q212g, the appearance is the first highlight. Adopting red cuspidal fuselage, it looks fashionable and is eye-catching in the crowds. The four arms are equipped with landing legs to ensure safe landing.

Wltoys Q212g

Our only request of aerial photography is to be stable, and the air pressure sensor that Wltoys Q212g equips with is the second highlight. Of course, it implies this quad provides shooting function. It has a build-in 720P camera. Well, this camera equipment can not reach outstanding shooting effect, but with the help of the air pressure sensor which offers altitude hold mode, allowing to focus on picture and video shooting, i believe you can capture fantastic images.

Wltoys Q212g

As to the next highlight, i think most of us will like it very much, that’s the WIFI transmission function, which remedies the regret that it doesn’t comes with a FPV monitor. With this function, we can easily transmit our shooting images to our tablet and the like that can be connected with WIFI, and then share them with friends to get double happiness. By the way, the transmission distance is within 80 meters.

On the basis that other configurations are similar with other quads in similar size, Wltoys Q212g adds three new features: fashionable appearance, air pressure sensor and WIFI transmission function, isn’t it more attractive? If you want more info check the full info over on our product page here.


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