WLtoys: The Best Custom Flying Experience for You


RC HelicopterWltoys

Are you looking for a wonderful, flying toy? We have taken a look at some products for you that you can choose from, from a well-known and popular brand. They are known for their high-quality RC helicopters and other remote controlled product. Read on to find out more about WLtoys!


The products

The first product we looked at is the WLtoys F959 Sky King, which is a remote controlled airplane that you can buy either with or without LED-lighting. Coming in two different colors, it is suitable for beginners. Made of EPO, it is a solid material resistant to impact. Easy to control, it has a light weight of only 100 grams. It also supports cameras, however, it’s not included in the purchase.


The second product that we took a look at is the WLtoys v950 Brushless Flybarless RC Helicopter RTF, which is a remote controlled helicopter. This product is designed to have extreme stability and has a long flight time. It also has features that you can use for stunt flying, like an inverted flight for example. This specific product is very popular among customers and gives a good time to any user.


The third and last product we tried out is the WLtoys v911s Gyro Flybarless RC Helicopter RTF. It’s a small sized helicopter with a beautiful design that you can show off to your friends and family. It has an aerodynamic principle design which makes it stable when flying. This specific product weighs only 42,5 grams, and it has got an improved flight power. It’s a high tech product that is made of high-quality materials and gives it’s buyer a great product to an affordable price.



WLtoys is a company that creates high tech products made of good and solid materials. Their products have high quality without costing you a fortune. They have products in different price ranges, and they also make RC cars if you like to keep your device on the ground. We like all of the three products mentioned above, as they all have their own looks,  and they all work very well. When you use a flying RC product,  it must be solid and not breaking from a crash, which is something that WLtoys has in mind when creating their products. We can promise you hours of fun while using one of their products,  and they are not too hard to handle as well. Happy flying!


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