WLtoys V666N, a unique drone with FPV monitor and FPV WIFI function


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From the appearance design, this WLtoys V666N is bound to be unique. Can i just say that it is a no-wing airplane? It is consisted of four circles, making it look large, but the whole frame is light with nice durability. Its special appearance also arouse my curiosity of how it flies.

WLtoys V666NFiguring out which side is the front side of this drone would be tough, so it comes with headless mode, which make me realize that this mode is tailed-made for WLtoys V666N. Flying this drone is extremely easy. In addition to the headless mode, it provides automatic take-off function, so as soon as you turn on the switch, it will fly up, which is so convenient.

WLtoys V666N

Aerobatic flight is the main reason making us fall in love with flying. Will you be full of interest as me to see how it performs stunts? Well, it doesn’t let us down. With the built-in 6-axis gyro, this drone owns strong stability and can easily implement various flight movements like ascend/ descend, forward/ backward, side flying, hover and 3D flip, which is so funny.

WLtoys V666N

Good news is that WLtoys V666N comes with a HD FPV monitor, so your drone’s stunt performance can be all seen via the screen. Besides, with the built-in camera, you can also enjoy beautiful scenery in real time. Even better, the FPV screen features WIFI function, so your shooting images can be transmitted to share with your friends.

WLtoys V666N is really a great fun drone, featuring unique appearance, multiple flight postures and FPV monitor with WIFI function, you’ll surely like it. For the latest official price and full specs see the product page.


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