WLtoys V911: mini gyro single propeller RC copter


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For new-in or intermediate enthusiasts who start to play four-channel and single blade copter, WLtoys V911 could be a nice choice to you. Perhaps single blade make the copter much more flexible while flying, but there is an inbuilt gyro in it, ensuring both stability and sensitivity. Anyway, it is a new challenge for beginners. The copter is made of mini size with 22cm in length, 5cm in width and 8.2cm in height. I could not love it too much because of its light weight, grave appearance and compact structure. Especially for its detained design, all of these are scientifically made to make it better performance.
WLtoys V911-proAs what you see, there is a durable balance pipe with multiple screws for better impact resistance performance. And the nose shell of WLtoys V911 is made in line with aerodynamics,which dramatically reduces wind resistance with the streamlined design. In addition, the unique tail-blade design provides powerful rotation while propeller provides smoother flying performance. Let alone the cooperation of gyro and single propeller, all of which make great contribution to elegant and stable flights. Moreover, no matter for the main blade or balance dropper, all of them are made of special ABS material, providing strong resistance to the impact. Typically, the mini copter is easy to control, but it does not matter if it get knocked to the hard ground by accident.
WL V911Besides, there is an intelligent transmitter controlling WLtoys V911 with very good hand touching. It is easy to master after practice for times, ans it could monitor the flight mode while the copter flies. Generally, it reaches rise and fall, forward and backward, sides flying, hovering and 360 degrees rolling. To keep it in good condition, you’d better not expose the copter or the remote control in the rain or at damp place with moisture. And please read the user manual carefully before assembling and flying it to avoid any unnecessary damage.


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