X-uav One EPO, a really beautiful FPV plane with super long wingspan


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X-uav One EPO is a plane kit. As its name implies, it is made using EPO material, so this large-scale plane is not so heavy with take-off weight between 2000-2500g. Actually, most of us will fall in love with this plane with its beautiful looking and fantastic streamlined shape. It is 1100mm long, together with super long wingspan of 1800mm, it is extremely eye-catching. Besides, it comes with four versions with different characteristics to cater to different users’ favors. So there will one that you will like.

X-uav One EPOIn addition to the well-recognized charming appearance, X-uav One EPO is also unique in the structure. The the propeller design is innovative connected with the V-tail, easy to depart, making this plane is convenient to carry. At the same time, this completely new power structure is effective in lowering the wing angle attack and resistance, so our flight will be smoother.

X-uav One EPO

As the picture below shows, in the nose, there is designed with a two-axis servo gimbal, where is suitable for mounting a mini HD camera, so our shooting would be more stable. Next to the gimbal is the space for AV transmitter and data, which combines to offer us stable transmission of signal.

X-uav One EPO

Good looking, ultra long wingspan, new power structure, FPV allowance, X-uav One EPO will surely give you an ever nice plane. To know recommended configuration, you could visit product page on Banggood.


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