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Cool flight performance, no signal interference, aerial photography, FPV real-time viewing, flying at night… What others do you expect from a RC aircraft? No matter what you want, MJX X600 can turn them into reality.
MJX X600
With MJX X600, it is not a dream for beginners to experience cool flight skills. Just need to press the one key roll button, then the drone performs roll action, so we can easily enjoy the fun of rolling. But before rolling, make sure the hexacopter flies 3m above the ground. As long as you like, it can roll infinitely.
MJX X600
Adopting 2.4GHz radio control technology, MJX X600 owns powerful anti-interference capacity. 2.4GHz system uses the high frequency range for sending signal, so signal problems will not occur. Besides, 2.4GHz also brings rapid response speed and long transmission distance.

Although MJX X600 doesn’t come with a built-in camera, it offers everything you need when loading a camera. With intelligent identification PCB, you are allowed to mount a high-pixel camera and take video during flying( the video will be generated as AVI format). The compatible cameras include Module#C4002/ #C4005/ #C4006.

FPV real-time viewing is fondle admiringly. MJX X600 comes with loadable FPV module, which includes high definition camera #4005 and cell phone stand, so anything you shoot during flying can be transmitted and you can enjoy real-time views through the screen.

Searchlight is with might doubled. Colorful searchlight not only makes night flight much easier, but also makes the helicopter look more attractive and distinctive at night.
MJX X600
Long flight time always pleases people, but MJX X600 offers only about 8.5 minutes flight. Actually, how to extend the endurance is a difficult problem for all RC aircraft manufacturers. So except that, MJX X600 is really a multi-functional hexacopter.


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