Zhiyun Smooth Q3: Amazing Smartphone Stabilizer


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What an amazing world! Every day I will be surprised by various of high-tech products. They do help to make our lives more convenient and colorful.

Several days ago, Zhiyun release a new product, named Zhiyun Smooth Q, which is a 3-axis brushless handheld gimbal for smartphone. In short, there is no need for you to worry about the stability of your image and video any more. You can shoot a video like movie just by your mobile phone. As a photography enthusiast, I can’t help yelling after hearing about this product.

Zhiyun Smooth Q3
When I saw it at the first sight, I just thought it a normal functional selfie stick. But actually, it is not only a stabilizer but a power bank. Thanks to it, your bag will become light because of it. The handheld gimbal is designed in the size of 11.8*10.5*28.5cm with the net weight of only 450g.

StabilizerZhiyun Smooth Q 3-axis Stabilization Gimbal

For the sake of stability, it adapts to the 5th high-precision stabilizing algorithm system. More important, so as to cater to the live broadcasting market, Smooth Q support to mount multi-specification camera lens, making sure that you can get the effects that you want. External soft light also help you show up your beauty.

men and Q3
By downloading Zhiyun app in your phone, you can make full use of its function. For one thing, the stabilizer is equipped with strong automatically tracing target function. For another, time-lapse shooting and image filter make your work more unique. What I like most, you can adjust its focal length and the direction. By control the button, you can zoom in or out and get rear camera mode transferred. Never worry about its equilibrium, its unique telescopic shaft design can help to balace your mobile device without using counterweight. It also supports you take horizontal and vertical pictures freely.


What’s more humanized is that Smooth Q can store adequate battery power to support you work for 8 hours. It can play the role of power bank to your smartphone. It has built-in battery which is available for you to have a real-time mobile charging to fulfill your long time live broadcasting requirements.

ZHIYUN-Z1-Smooth-C-Smartphone-3-Axis-Gimbal-stabilizer-digital-camera-3-Axis-Gimbal-Brushless-stabilizerIt’s really a big regret for you don’t own one.



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