Zhiyun Z1-Evolution EVO comes with many detailed designs to give a interesting using experience


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Zhiyun is a new brand manufacturing gimbals. Recently, it comes with two products- Zhiyun Z1-Rider2 Gimbal and Zhiyun Z1-Evolution EVO Gimbal. In some aspects, they share common features, but in my opinion, Zhiyun Z1-Evolution EVO Gimbal does better in detailed designs. So, today, let’s have closer look at it.

Zhiyun Z1-Evolution EVO Gimbal

Zhiyun Z1-Evolution EVO Gimbal is compatible for  Gopro 3/3+/4, the camera frame and camera holder suit for most sports camera. I am amazed at the ultra long using time. Powered by 3.7V 2000mAh battery, is able to work up to 12 hours, which is invincible. So we can enjoy shooting to the fullest.

Zhiyun Z1-Evolution EVO GimbalZhiyun Z1-Evolution EVO Gimbal is the top-notch work of small electronic stabilizer. The excellent point is more than its appearance. It adopts perfect industrial design and CNC aluminum alloy structure, simple but delicate, making it be used for years to come. You’ll also enjoy simple operation anytime and anywhere. The four-way joystick comes with stepless rotational speed control, together with the integrated annular motor with strong torque, making it rotate smoothly, which allowing us to easily adjust the angle to capture the prefect scenes at will.

The included special 3.5mm headphone jack is used to output videos, which is plug and play and adapts to analog monitor, bringing us comfortable experience. The power switch is also improved. Combing wrong polarity protection, over discharging and short circuit protection guarantee a safe and reliable usage for us.

Zhiyun Z1-Evolution EVO GimbalZhiyun Z1-Evolution EVO Gimbal also provides broad shooting horizon. The rotation angle of each axis is up to 330º, and in favor of the four-way joystick with stepless rotational speed control, you can adjust the angle at will, pitch, roll and pan are controllable, making our using experience a lot better.

Another good news is the 1/4″ inch screw port at the bottom and can be mounted on any photographic equipment with 1/4″ inch screw. So we no longer rely on the specially made extension rod and get more interests while shooting.

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